Re: Fleischmann turntable 9152c

Cheers Keith, I do intend to use the analog control as supplied. But I saw
one going on ebay and the seller said that it could not be used with DCC, he
didnt specify as to whether this was 'controlling it' or just 'useable'.
Unless one wants to run a totaly computer controlled outfit I cant see the
point making it DCC controllable, too much agro and money which could buy
some good beer and a night out!!
"Keith" <grovenor@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
On 3 Feb 2006 07:04:33 GMT, "Kurt Harders" <news@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Nick,

Nick Beard wrote:

Has any one had the pleasure of installing the 9152c turntable from
Fleischmann. It is the N gauge one and comes with all wiring and
operation switch.
Will this item be useable on DCC?

No, its not DCC controlable. But there is a Selectrix decoder for it
and a small PC interface for Selectrix which make this TT controlable
by many PC programs who know about Selctrix.

Regards, Kurt

Note there is a difference between 'useable on DCC' and 'DCC

If you want to operate your trains on DCC and run them onto and off
the turntable, no problem. Any turntable is 'Useable on DCC ' in this
way. The controls to operate the turntable can be used as supplied by
the maker.

For a turntable to be DCC controllable you need to be able to access
the drive motor and whatever controls it has for indexing and
latching. I am sure this can be done by DCC if you really want to, I
can't see any operational benefit from all the work involved.
Just because you use DCC it doesn't mean everything must be DCC, look
at the cost/benefit equation in each case.