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Like it's useless for fighting? Count that one.
Yes, just like that. Keep in mind i've been in fights before.

Fights are best avoided if possible, esp if it's Tai Chi you're gonna hope to use.


Do you have a point to make, other than the bleeding obvious?
Sure. Here, read this pamphlet:

Uh, you're now quoting Bartlett at me? Dude, I have been pushing this line for so many
years I can't rememeber a time when I wasn't.

Aren't you happy I've learned something?

What is it that you think we agree upon? That exponential growth cannot be sustained
indefinitely? If that's the case, sure, but beyond that, I don't see it.

Who could ask for anything more?

I was teaching english to a class of fifty students today when I
remarked to them that they shouldn't write in their textbooks because
then they can't hand them down to other students. I told them they
should instead buy notebooks made from recycled paper. They said that
if they did that the bookstore would go out of business. Well thats
the point isn't it, maybe they don't need that kind of bloodsucking,
earth-destroying bookstore. That is why population growth is
unsustainable. Like grasshoppers eating everything. The day comes when
you just have to kill them all just to make sure you have enough to
eat. Another example is the rabbits in Australia. Kill the dirty
little rats. Kill 'em all. But, I digress.

That isn't actually true; i owned up to my one failed prediction
($1200 gold by june). It's all on record, Peter.

What about the rest?
What about em? One counterexample is sufficient to expose your
baseless personal attack above for the lie it was.

No lie. I wasn't referring to your admittance, just the total lack of accuracy.

But it isn't a *total* lack. I've made far many more accurate
predictions than not. For example, doubling my money on bear stearns.
Not to mention other such gems I've pulled off. Like being able to get
out at the last two tops in the pm juniors for example. I'm currently
buying back in and have technically made 3x my money again for having
not lost money during the crash before buying back in. Just for
example. But I don't talk about everything I do here Peter because I
don't see a need to brag.

OTOH, you are simply clueless.

So yeah when I hear lines like that, and they are just lines.. im like
"yeah right" :)

Then I hear you say stuff like:

FWIW I got out Nov 2007, the timing could not have been better, and now I'm watching and
waiting as the bargains emerge.

then right after:

And here you were, saying that my advice to take your money out while
you could was bad advice.

Of course it was bad advice, moreover, your exhortations to people to rush out and
withdraw their money from any and all banks is grossly irresponsible.

it was bad advice but you "took it" (well, you did it regardless of
what I said, and actually before I said it) but you DID IT. But it was
bad advice. But you did it. But it was bad advice.

I don't get it peter, what do you hope to prove with this twisted
double standard? That I was right? Well, of course I was.

If they did, that would create the very problem we all wish to avoid.

The fuse has burnt down inside the box. it's too late peter. It's time
to run.



History has proven me right once again, in spite of your pauper's contumley.

You clearly do not know the meaning of the words you use.

I wasn't referring to your material wealth, your intellectual prowess,
your considerable experience, your high level of martial arts skills,
your powers of critical thinking, or your obvious grasp on Australia's
socioeconomic potential set in the larger global marketplace, or your
stunningly handsome and intelligent family members (just a guess but
I'm often right in the stock market, so..). I was referring to you
claiming I am wrong with the right side of your mouth while saying I
am right with the left side.