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Devil rabbit terrorises village
'We are dealing with a monster', admits shaken local
By Lester Haines
Published Friday 7th April 2006 09:36 GMT

Pity if you will the poor burghers of the Northumberland village of
Felton - living as they are under a palpable pall of fear provoked by
the attentions of a monstrous, allotment-menacing devil rabbit.

That's according to the Times, which reports that the "Beast of
Felton" - a deer-sized, black and brown creature with "diabolically
shaped ears" - has already decimated "a market stall's worth of
Japanese onions, parsnips and spring carrots".

The first sighting of the Mephistophelean herbivore came back in
February. Allotment holder Jeff Smith, 63, recounted: "This is no
ordinary rabbit. We are dealing with a monster. It's absolutely

"The first time I saw it, I wasn't sure what it was. Its prints are
huge, about the size of a deer. It's a brute of a thing. We have two
lads here with guns who are trying to shoot it, but it's too clever.
They never see it."
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All right then, since no one else will:

"Bring on the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch!"