Re: See Through the Sifu

Yet ask yourself can 'thickness of the skull' really effect the
whiplash action of a punch that causes rotational effects that tear at
the dura mater and the brainstem? Those are the blows that knock
people out.

Well, I agree there.. that having a hard head may not in fact stop a KO.
Im just saying that "conditioning" can and does work. It may be possible
that repeated blows does create stronger tissue bonds in the brain itself,
and better support tissue to cradle it.. however, Im not a medic, and cant
confirm such a theory.

Also the place to punch someone is on the nose or on the
jaw, not on the top of the head.

IMOP, you are wrong. Ive dizzied several artist with a single low power
hit this way.

The nose is tissue which will absorb a good deal of force, much like
hitting a sponge. It may break the nose.. but that may not stop a serious
agressor. And in fact, you may Not break it.. in which case youve just
made them even more angry and wasted your shot at a KO.

The Jaw, is better than the nose as its connected well to the skull, and
thus will transmit vibration to the brain very well. However, it is
protected by facial muscle fibers, fat, tissues, ect... which also absorb.

The forehead is a direct route to vibration of the brain. Bone to bone is
a better conductor of energy.. instead of "bone to flesh to bone"...ect.

The only problem... is If your fists are not conditioned to widthstand
the impact.

I found it interesting that some people, also in WC, have suggested to
hit the sternum as there is no muscle to protect that bone area. In ways,
it is true. However, that strike doesnt seem to really affect much. The
body can compress in that area. The only way you can hurt that area, is
with a piercing strike like a pheonix knuckle or simular strike which is
low surface area. But, since such strikes are designed for soft tissue
areas... you cant really use them there without possibly injuring yourself
- unless you maybe you have years of Super Iron skills...

However, a strike to the skull, Will make a huge affect. Off
ballance, Stuned, very Dizzy, KO's...ect.

As far as hitting someone with the
forehead, many sifus are now counseling against head butting - there
are acceleration effects transmitted to your own brain unless your
really know what you're doing.

Personally Im not into headbutts. However, that is why you added "unless
you really know what you're doing" In reality, if conditioned correctly,
you may not be prone to the same types of damages. I wouldnt bet any moeny
on it though :)

Shouldnt be done at all, unless you are being trained by a professional.

Ive seen Shaolin guys take full soccor kicks to the groin and not
wince or yell.

It's a trick. First there's no inspection (yuck) of their trousers.
Could be wearing a cup or lots of layers of duct tape. Also they stand
in a V-stance so that the foot can't get up high enough and is slowed
and stopped by the upper inner thighs. When they do it in speedos with
a certified female fluffer present, then I'll take a look. (ewww).

Not all these guys are fakes. I believe the clip I saw, the guy was in
an open horse stance.

I think Ive heard that they can actually retract thier nads into
themselves.. though I wince at the very thought of it.

That is a little mysterious, still they don't contact the body where
you think. I was surprised at the level of force that Genki Sudo
applied when he did it on one of those guys on a Japanese TV shows. I
think it's still up on video google.

Ive seen a documentary on 'discovery channel' about a school that Only
practiced being Hit. "Combat KI" I think they called it. A thin woman
took full bast punches and kicks all over - including to the throat.

Of course, they really didnt Invent the stuff.. its been in discovered by
monks in china well before that school.

Ive conditioned my fist to be able to hit solid steel beams at good
and speed. Hitting somones head is easy and painless after such

I'd like to see a picture or a short vid on this. I punched lockers,
but not dumpsters or steel beams. Good on you if you did. How often?

When I worked at an arcade, they had a metal safe. I practiced daily
first tapping it squarely (vertical flat faced fist surface)... and later,
punching the door shut (door open to a 90 degree angle.. fist anywhere from
1 to 3" away from the door)

Ive also punched solid metal beam, other metal things, and concrete
walls.. (but Im not advising that)

Hitting metal 'squarely' is good for conditioning.. but hitting too hard
and you will do more damage than good. Hitting the concrete walls is a
bit worse than metal, as it will cut your fist up a bit. It may also
contain uneven surfaces, which isnt good for your fists.

I don't think this is possible. Even with the legendary CMA toughening
drills. The 'snapping' a metal bar trick is done by using a very
brittle bar. They do that toughening drill, but I think they
pre-select guys that are already 'block heads'. It's not a good idea.

Not sure what you are talking about. But anyway, I can say for sure that
my arms became absoultly sick after hours of contact drills with partners..
and sliding them across metal poles.. and hitting the entire arm squarely
into flat surfaces..ect. Everything from the actual tissus (which at
first would Bruise up badly from heavy contact.. became near impervoius to
bruises.. even after long durrations of heavy contact) to the actual bones
were very much improoved in structure.

The bone areas like the wrists, top of the hand, side of the arms, side of
the hands... all conditioned to extremely noticable durrability and reduced
and or no pain at all from contact that Used to cause one to take off for a
few days due to injury healing times.

At one time, I also worked at a place where there was a metal support pole
next to my station. I was lightly tapping my forhead at it at times.. and
got up to a fairly nice level of power into the impact. Asked to show
someone else, I hit with very hard force, and afterwords, they were worried
that I almost took down the support post. lol Then commented that I was
insane! : ) hehe

I found that tapping the head on the pole was a great way to wake up. A
few hits would send the bodies natural endorphins to work.. and created a
uphoric sensation of floating for a few moments... and also released a
little adrenalin, which also helped to wake me up.

Yet a good pro boxer if he doesn't get excessively injured also has
this dense look and he does it by actually hitting moving opponents.

Its not a 'look'. My fists nor arms looked any different than any other
weaklings arms and fists. But internally, they were in fact structurally

Gotta be superior to hitting non moving objects.

Your claim is Not true.
Hitting a hard heavy surface for a few hours will create a stronger
structure.. much faster than hitting a soft target with force absorbing

Remember gotta have a
delivery system. A sifu that kicks a tree stump for a good sweep kick
is only doing half the exercise.

I agree that without actually having the Skill to get a strike, youve got
less of a chance. Its sort like learning BJJ only ;) :P

However, having such a powerfull and structurally superior
limb/body/technique.. is pretty damn good. As it may take only a single
hit from such a person.. rahter than others who are less 'tempered', whos
repeated attempts only manages to tick the attacker(s) off.

Remember that besides being better at striking, you are better to Take a
hit without harm.. and to actually give damages to the person from
something like a collision of your limbs durring a block, accident, or
outright limb attack.

A typical artist or boxer will gain a certain degree of conditioning from
sparring contact collisions. However, that does not mean that thier level
of conditioning is anywhere near as strong and anywhere near as complete as
someone who trains specific conditioning to many areas of the body evenly.


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