Re: review this street fight video

> So it couldn't be:
> o inadequate low-line attack defense;

1) Raised knee - knee head + internal and external bone angles to deflect.
2) Palm downwards block
3) Knifehand block
4) Sweeping arm block
5) not to mention more offensive defense: chain kicks to multiple areas
from legs, groin, foot, ankle, knees, shin, inner and outter thighs..ect.

Not sure what you see an inadequate?

o inadequate defense against the shoot;

I will agree partially.. But, anyone studying wc now should practice
this on their own, seeing that some people are using this to good effect.

> o no followup if a strike hits but opponent isn't driven back;

BS. WC is all about followup. Many will do overkill on the multiple
attacks they use to down a person: Double strike to the head, side chop
to the neck, grapping the head + pulling into the other fists strike, pull
head downward again into the knee...ect. If for any reason the attacker
is able to evade a technique or isnt phased, you relentlessly keep
breaking the gaurd down and continuing to followup as there are openings..
or openings you have created.

> o no clinch fighting skills; stops at the clinch range;

No. Thats what Chi Sao is for. However, many top level practioners are
not using it propperly. IE: Someone gets past my outside gaurds, next
comes the elbows to strike/open/back person off/escape..ect.

> o reliance on a specific body posture (chin up, leaning back
> stance)

I dont know why some say lean back. Not good imop. My weight on the rear
leg. but back is centered perfectly. Knee bent slightly to absord shock
and provide strong rooting.

However, things like the boxers slip under (bending / croughing down),
is Not a good idea. It leads to your back and neck beiing attacked as well
as creating the ability for the opponent to push you arround easily.

Heck, you can see how many times in boxing it fails and the ref has to
break the two up cause one is holding the others head down.

That said, the posture is not completely static, the footwork is able to
move and adapt to change the way things work. Hip turns for whip power
generation, deflects, and evasions. Specialized stepping drills as well.

Keeping a solid stance is not a bad thing.. however, not using your horse
(moving footwork) will get you into trouble.

My chin is level. Not up nor down. If it was up, Id have trouble Seeing
my opponent, as well as exposing my neck and chin for attack.

Putting the chin down only makes the forehead closer to the opponent -
which is not a good thing - esp in our art.

Leaning forward in a bit of a crouch also places your head closer to the

There are other stances too. Forward, side, thin, ect. All basic
varirents of the original.. but still, differnt in purpose.

; o inability to handle hook punches;

BS. Most hooks are easily half stepped back from, or read ahead of time
and stepped in so as too close to be effective. Of course, theres the
sidehand palm block as well - though some have not used it, its a very
effective stop a full power/speed hook.

A hooking Fist approaches the left side of your head - then shoot your
right hand sidewards + twisting your hips in counter clockwise direction
(step forward or diagnal with right foot can be good too) then meet the
hook at the wrist area.

Some WC guys try to block with the same side the attack in comming from -
and this will not work unless its a very weak hook. A strong hook would
crush thru that, and cause you to loose your ballance.

> o no ground fighting skills;

I agree with this. However, In many situations you wouldnt be doing
your job well if you ended up there either : )

> o inability to fight using W/C so no fighting skills

Thats due to people like Wannabe who's doesnt sparr regularly outside of
his art. The more experinece you have with that, the better and
true-er your technique will be under stresses.

To the other WC guys out there... How do you think WC was developed in
the first place? By fighing outside the art! By knowing as much as you
can about other arts. By having battle experience. A good fighter will
know this.

> ...or the most telling:
> o unable to look outside system for fighting solutions.

Well, thats martial arts ignorance on many levels. Many BJJ'er will not
look to aquiring the more advanced standup WC hands because of the same

The more knowledge you possess, the greater potential you have possible.

But, no matter the depths of your knowledge... if you do not train it
to absolute perfection.. none of it will be good enough to use in real
intense situations.

> They may not be able to win with excluded eye pokes but should WC be
> horribly crushed without them? If it was a valid system it should at
> least be able to place.

This makes sense to the people who doubt striking power, speed and
accuracy. If you arnt good at picking off someones knee with a
kick, then you have to worry about getting downed much more...
and develop a ground system to deal with that.

WC is based on that Perfection.. and sadly, there are many out
there with great WC knowledge - but do not have flawless techniques...
thus they wiill often fail in combat situations. I know, because I used to
be one of them : )

Many of the best WC / KungFu and even other style of fighters will not
participate in sporting evens because of the limits, because its not
reality based, and because thier power is severe enought to cripple or

If you cant break the knee, youve more to worry about, as the attacker
will keep comming. If your gloved fists are blocking a good deal of your
KO power.. then again, you are left with less and less options.. In that
senerio.. you are basically left with the only valid option in that case..
which is to fight the same style as the other guy. To grapple and roll on
the ground.

A WC player has to have very rare
> speed and durability to even begain to work their system.

Thats not really true at all. You gain speed as you train. You gain
durrability as you condition durring that training. And, as Ive said
before, its not speed alone that will win.

However, even the slowest guy who used a WC technique will gain the
advantage. For example, Parrying with one hand and striking with the

The speed is more importantly gained from advantageous positioning (closer
to the targets), simultainious limb use, and use of instant "feelings" to
which to be able to instantly react to - thru constant feeling drills.

As for attributes, thats in All arts. If you try to grapple and roll with
someone that has more experience and trains harder than others.. you will
be at a huge disadvantage.

In addition
> it's a 'jealous' system in which masters take pains to hide and not
> share their best stuff for fear their students will best them. Not a
> good idea in any art (hint, hint). ;-)

Well, that Used to be so.. but not out of jealousy.. out of fear
that people would use it for bad intentions. However, today, the
attitudes are very different. There is a great wealth of people spreading
free knowledge of it.. including myslef ; ) Plenty of amazing deep
articles to be read from very experienced people in the art.


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