On Sat, 19 Nov 2005 09:08:01 +0800, "Fraser Johnston"
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>20 -23kgs. My mastiff used to shit things bigger than that.

Your mastiff is probably 4-5 years shorter lived on average than a
smaller dog. Eats 3-4 times as much. Is really difficult to put in
back of your VW. And is slower. Dogs like bear dogs defeat bears by
speed and harassment. The attack from one angle and retreat, run
around a circle and attack from another. Again and again, until the
bear is so confused it runs away. It is not a size on size matchup.
It's speed and cunning against bulk.

I watched my black lab do the exact very thing, and she wasn't even
bred for attacking or agression. She doubled her apparent size by
raising her hackles, showed a huge mouthful of teeth, and literally
ran circles around this black bear until the thing totally freaked and
ran like hell for the woods. One of the amazing things I ever