Lymans new .308 cast bullet plus loading info on their 30-06 bullet

Lymans 30 cal. Bullet no. 311672 which will weigh approx. 160 grains
is one top notch cast bullet . Although the bullet has been out for a
couple of years now I have recently gotten around to testing it out of
a heavy barrel pre-64 Winchester rifle made way back in 1938 and much
later in time re-barreled to .308 by the previous owner. Barrel make
is unknown.

This bullet no. 311672 was designed for silhouette shooting and is
also designed for the shorter necked .308 cartridge rather than the
longer necked 30-06 but will work in the 30-06 as well. The 160 grain
weight of this bullet is more suited to extreme accuracy in the .308
because many .308's have a 1 in 12 twist not the faster 1 in 10 twist
of the 3006 which allows one to use heavier bullets.

I used straight Linotype metal but the Lyman no. 2 formula should work
fine also.

Bullets must always be seated within the case neck, NEVER EVER SEAT A

I used 27 ½ grains of IMR 4895 powder which gave a velocity of 1,700
fps out of a 26 inch barrel.

I used 50/50 allox lube although I will admit the much harder Red
Rooster Rifle lube would have been less messy to use, especially if
you plan on feeding this round out of a semi-auto gun like the M1A

I used 1 grain of polyester pillow fiber to keep the powder in place
and prevent hang-fires; and to assure more consistent ignition and it
worked like a charm.

I used Hornady crimp on gas checks which are necessary for keeping the
base of the bullet from being distorted by the red hot powder gasses.

Bullets were sized to .310 WHICH OF COURSE SHATTERS THE "MR. AVERAGE
JOE GUN WRITER MYTHS" that bore size bullets or bullets no more than 1
thousandths over size give best accuracy. HORSE CRAP AND DOUBLE
HORSE CRAP. Again this shows you how little the average idiot gun
writer knows about anything these days.

Here is a link to a picture of a group I shot with this bullet.

I might add for those of you that like a heavier bullet especially for
use in the 3006, the Lyman bullet no. 311332 which weighs in at 180
grains gives very good accuracy in the M1-rifle using 34 grains of IMR
4895 at 1,900 fps velocity.

For bolt guns you can use 25 grains of IMR 4198 at a velocity of 1,900
fps with the 311332 bullet. Again use 1 grain of polyester pillow
fiber, and a gas check.

By using cast bullet loads you get milder recoil, 3 to 4 times the
barrel life, less muzzle blast, less barrel vibration, and less money
spent on gun powder as you are using much less than with jacketed
bullets. The cast bullet loads will never damaged your bore like
corrosive ammo will and you also do not have to worry about the
dangers of using old outdated and often unsafe corrosive ammo. I have
from time to time sectioned cases of corrosive ammo and found some
cases were paper thin due to the ravages of internal corrosion. Yep,
there is a reason it is classed as surplus. And of course cast
bullets also do not make sparks fly like steel jacketed corrosive ammo
does. And of course properly made cast bullets are way more
consistently accurate than military surplus garbage.

Cast bullets make good cheap practice ammo for the competitive shooter
or the once a year hunter who often needs to practice in the hunting
positions with the rifle he will be using on the hunt.

As on gets older one realizes that using full power blaster ammo not
only produces less than optimum accuracy but it gets less and less fun
to get pounded on the shoulder as the years pile on you. Its just
another reason I love cast bullets.

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