Re: Where's Cheech?

On Wed, 7 Dec 2005 14:40:05 -0700, "Mos" <Not@YourHouse> wrote:

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Are you calling me predictable?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> You ain't the weather.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Quit trying to rain on my parade! .....Larry
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> thundered.
>>>>>>>>>>>> Ah hail!
>>>>>>>>>>> What precipitated that response?
>>>>>>>>>> The low humoridity around here.
>>>>>>>>> I like to think of it as a dry wit.
>>>>>>>> Yeah, it's about as much fun as a sandstorm.
>>>>>>>I'll grind you down eventually.
>>>>>> You can resemble a sand blaster at times. This is one
>>>>>> of those times.
>>>>>Don't be so adbrasive.
>>>> Is that a contraction of adhesive and abrasive?
>>>Don't btich about it. *That spelling checker*
>>>(may my ancestors forgive me for using the
>>>Amerikan spelling of cheque) approved the word.
>> Great. My plan is right on schedule.
>Just don't you be latent. Wait...did I spell
>that word for "not on time" correctly ?
>Spelling chequer said to go with it.

So what is the name of that clown college you're attending?