seeking identification for several episcopal coats of arms

I am seeking to identify a coat of arms found in stained glass in
Queen's Court Residential College at Fordham University. We know that
the shields throughout the room in which this coat is found are the
coats-of-arms of bishops who were in one way another associated with
this institution. I would appreciate any leads. Please pardon me if
I do not state anything clearly. Happy to clarify.

Description: a coat of arms with three ranks of tassels, surmounted by
a miter, a cross, and a crozier.
On the left side of the shield, a castle tower on a field of blue, on
the right side of the shield a chalice on a field of red. The motto
below reads: "Estote factores verbi"

In advance, my thanks

Fr Joseph Koterski SJ
Fordham University