Re: Corporate Barons was Re: Scottish Feudal Baronies, no, Earldoms again, no, now Duchies!

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Oh! This means effectively that a company who owns the barony of X can
_employ_ somebody with a well-bred manner who looks impressive in
Highland dress as Baron of X, doesn't it?

New career opportunities arise...

Yes. For example, if a company were to assign the barony to someone
new each workday (Baron for a Day - maybe a theme for a new reality TV
show) then I presume each of them would want to line up to the Lyon
Court and get arms with additiments and perhaps forever be known as
representators of former baronial houses. Sheesh.

Didn't think that far. But don't you think that the barons in question
would need to remain barons during Lyon's entire processing period for
this stunt to work?

Jan Böhme