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On a different topic, someone recently posted the site:

which seems relatively new, and of which I was unfamiliar. This site

which details, in German, the Order of the Knights of Mercy.

Now, I thought that the Order of Mercy (Mercedarians) stopped creating
new honorary knights in the 1930s--their website at used to testify to this fact.

So who are these gentlemen?

A paragraph about 2/3 of the way down the page seems to mention a
reunification between the priestly and knightly orders. My imperfect
German does not help.

If it wasn't for the above, my assumption would be that this is just
another bogus body.

Does anyone have more information on this group?

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There is this bit of history from the website of the monastic "Order of the
Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy"

Knights of Our Lady of Mercy

"Everyone knows that, at first, the Order of Mercy had, at the same time,
religious and military characteristics and that the first Masters General
were lay knights.
With the passing of time, the knightly and military aspects lost the
importance that they had, especially in the first century of the Order.
However, in the course of history and particularly in Spain, there were
investitures and groups of lay knights, never contested by the Holy See or
any civil or ecclesiastical authority.
In 1926, the Order's Master General, Juan del Carmelo Garrido, reformed the
Statutes of the association and established new norms for secular knights
whom he divided into five classes or ranks: Great Cross, Commander with
badge and title, Honorary Commander, Knights and Donates, setting up emblems
for each category, uniforms, honors and precedence.
Two years later, the king of Spain, Alfonso XIII, Great Commander of Our
Lady of Mercy, issued a decree placing the Order of Mercy on the same level
as other Spanish Orders of Knights and authorizing the use of badges and
According to the Knights' Statutes, their main objective was the profession
and practice of the Catholic faith, practicing Christian virtues, charitable
works for missions and antislavery propaganda.
In his 1931 report to the General Chapter, the Master General confirmed
that, at that time, there were 300 knights.
Later on, in 1936, due to complaints from other military orders whose
emblems were eclipsed by the beauty, historical and heraldic transcendence
of the Mercedarians', though it recognized in practice the Order's right to
confer these emblems, the Holy See asked the Order to refrain from
conferring them. Although the king of Spain offered to intervene, in
obedience to the Church's voice, the Order never granted them again. On the
same occasion, Pius XI removed from the Mercedarian title the appellatives
of Royal and Military which the Order had since its origin."

It would seem that they have not reestablished their knightly award. But
isn't it amazing the extent to which 'heraldic jealousy' over the
transcendent and beautiful heraldic symbols of the Mercredarians could lead
to the demise of their military-religious wing? There may have been other
reasons. :)
In fairness I have to say their arms are rather striking!

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