Re: Why are peope interested in knighthoods?

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Obviously, a 'fake' order does not compare with one bestowed by a
ruling monarch or a government (including the Vatican). I think what
the comment is refering to that any orders which are not bestowed by a
government or ruling monarch (or Pontiff), are, at best, charitable or
fraternal organisations, and it is 'academic' whether their historical
and legal basis is legitimate. As for degrees from real universities
and diploma mills, the difference is obvious- the former can be used
with openess and is meaningful to the general public (or the relevant
sector thereof). It is the same difference between a 'real' order- like
the Legion of Honour or an MBE, and other non-government orders. Any
order which originates from a non-government source is essentially just
a private association of individuals, like the Salvation Army or

sometimes, but not necessarily. The much discussed Constantinian Order, for
example, is not just a private association because it was constituted by papal
bull, confirmed in numerous papal briefs and bulls (the last time in 1919)
and has a legal existence never abolished or suppressed. Furthermore, its awards
are authorized by several sovereign states inclding Spain and Italy.

There are other Orders given by heads of former reigning houses which are
also authorized officially by the successor state (i.e. Italy and Russia).

I do not see how in any of these cases they can be simply regarded as private

Guy Stair Sainty