Re: South African moratorium (was Burkes International Register of Arms)

"John A. Duncan" <sketraw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
David Pritchard
On request, I scanned the 1999 Roll. If you would like a copy Sean I
would send one to you.

OK there was those that were guilty, the ones who perpetrated it and
capitalised from it but the majority were duped and they are the
victims. Stop persecuting them and let it drop, move on and let them
have a life, they are probably feeling bad enough as it is.

This is like a stuck needle on an old record...lets try the flip side
for some light relief.

John A. Duncan of Sketraw

They were not duped, they were defrauded. Anyone can be sold property and
later find the supposed owner of it had lied, selling something he did not