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# #i just picked up this gun at a yard sale its a 6.5 x 257 jap rifle i
# # dont know noting about it need o find ammo for it i was told i can only
# # get reloads for it and it needs a clip any info on this gun would be
# # alot of help thanks
# Be very sure you know that the rifle is .257.  You are well advised to take
# the piece to a gunsmith and have it checked both for caliber and head
# spacing. That could be the bore dimension (not all slug exactly the same).
# Many Type 38 Arisaka rifles (6.5mm Jap.) were converted to fire the .257
# Roberts cartridge.  If that is what you have, factory ammo is available for
# it.  Hornady and Federal Premium loads are afailable and if it's still in
# it's original chambering of 6.5 Jap there is also factory ammo available.
# Norma and Privi Partizan both make it and I believe Hornady does too.  In
# either case though be prepared to go into sticker shock.
# As for a 'clip', unless you actually have a 6.5 Carcano, you need no clip
# for the Jap.  The Jap has a mauser type 5 shot built in magazine with
# removable floor plate.  If this is what your missing, you should be able to
# get what you need through Gun Parts Corp.  There is another remote
# possibility and that is that you may have aquired a rather scarse 6.5 jap
# built on the carcano action.  The carcano action does use a clip to hold 5
# rounds of ammo and on the last shot falls out of the bottom of the action.
# SB
It wouldn't be .257 Roberts, but rather the .257 Roberts necked up to
6.5mm, which was the gun's original caliber. The originator of this
wildcat just ran a .257 Roberts reamer into the barrel of his Arisaka
and necked up the brass. Probably used a light charge of fast powder
and Cream of Wheat to do the job. I believe Ackley has this listed in
his book on wildcats. In any case, the O.P. isn't going to be using
off-the-shelf ammo for it. A chamber cast is going to be needed and a
set of custom dies made, I believe Huntington still does this. It'll
cost more than the gun is probably worth, but about the only way to
get it shooting without a whole lot of messing with dies the O.P.
doesn't have. The parent case of the Roberts is the 7x57, which may
be easier to get brass for these days.

I knew a guy that had one of these conversions, he used it on mule
deer, said it was accurate.


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