Rick Jamison, Gun Writer, Gone but not forgotton

If some of you are wondering why quite some time ago Rick Jameson
disappeared from the gun rags it had to do with a big lawsuit that he
won against Winchester for stealing his developmental short magnum
cartridges. Over the years the gun industry got so used to stealing
peoples wildcat cartridges that they began to think it was their
right. It is heavily rumored that was what led to Winchester closing
up after the lawsuit was over.

Rick is now personal non grata with the gun magazines. It's a shame
as he stood head and shoulders above most of the other lackeys who
these days seem to attempt to write for the gun rags.

Rick's article on the Mauser 98 rifle in Shooting Times Magazine some
years back was a real classic. Count yourself lucky if you have copy
as such writing is seldom seen these days and will probably never be
seen again. Rick's experiments in ballistics and cartridges was
fascinating and informative to say the least.

Yes, as one wise man once said after the assassination of one of the
most popular of U.S. Presidents. "They always kill the good ones" and
with good gun writers , they always get rid of them.

Let us hope that Mark Twain's famous statement, "The reports of my
untimely demise were highly exaggerated" comes to pass.

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