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# Back when I was moonlighting as a gunsmith I was employed to build
# some sporting rifles on Mauser actions. Since part of the modification
# consisted of forging the bolt handle I did some testing of the steel
# in the action and bolt to see whether it was heat treated. I found
# that the Argentine Mauser bolt and receiver tested equal to 1020 steel
# - a normal low/medium carbon steel that was not heat treated.

# On the other hand, the 308 we were chambering these conversions for
# did not develop pressures high enough to use a high strength receiver
# so for the purpose we were using them for the Mauser was plenty strong
# enough.

That Argentine action is a beauty, isn't it? The machining and finish
are outstanding. It doesn't surprise me that it will handle a .308.
Those locking lugs are pretty massive. Were you using the Modelo 1891

I have an 1891 Argentine Mauser with a 3-digit serial number and three
proof marks. Unfortunately, the Argentine crest has been buffed out.

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