Re: Michigan Black Powder Laws

On Aug 6, 6:49 am, "Mark" <beemerm...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
# OK but why won't Cabelas sell me either a black powder rifle or air rifle
# without doing the check? They claim it's Michigan law. ALso they would not
# sell me an air pistol without mailing to an Ohio FFL (I live in Ohio)? Is
# the Cabelas in Dundee just full of it?

Possibly. A lot of stores get confused on gun laws too. Not sure in
Michigan itself so don't take this as specific advise, but most states
don't consider black powder guns legal firearms. Those that do are
the exception, not the rule. Heck a few years ago here in SC a Sams
Club had .50 cal muzzleloaders in those clamshell cases hanging on
racks in the isle just like you'd buy a toy action figure :). Pick
one up, go to the front cash register and pay for it as if it were a
gallon of milk. That's why I love my state :). My only worry on gun
laws is on the national level. ''

One quick question though: even if it WERE a firearm - do private
transactions need to go through an FFL? Again, the majority of states
seem to not concern themselves with private transactions. Here in SC
you basically are not supposed to sell to a KNOWN felon, "habitual
drunkard", minor, etc, but there is no record keeping required nor any
requirement for the government or a dealer to get involved at all.


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