Re: Short Action Question

On Mar 26, 10:04 pm, hot-ham-and-che...@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
# I never understood the need for short actions and short cartridges.
# My arms are plenty long enough to reach out there and work the bolt of
# a 30-06. What gives?

It's not any *one* thing ... it's the convergence of *many* things ...
some, people care 'bout ... some, not so much.

#1 reason to git ANY short-action? ... significantly less recoil
DESPITE a lighter-weight gun.

#1 reason NOT to git a short-action? ... in the case of the WSM's,
cost of factory ammo is $30+/20rd.

#1 reason to git a std-action instead? ... typically affords heavier
than typical bullets in the same caliber.

#1 reason most folks don't git a .260rem 'er 7mm-08 fer a deer
rifle? ... they wanna BE ABLE to shoot an elk (and they don't think
either of them is suitable).

#1 reason to git a WSM? ... so long as ya can do it in 3 shots 'er
less, ya can shoot a deer with comparable recoil to a typical .30-06
(that .30-06 bein' a heavier gun), 'er even less recoil if ya
handload, and ya still got somethin' most folks consider suitable fer
elk (which STILL has less recoil than a 7rm, despite 7rm bein' a
heavier gun).

#1 failure of Winchester with regard to WSM's? ... no "low-recoil"
ammo (not that it was needed, but with Remington and Federal doin' the
same with the older calibers, why not?)

#1 BS claim against WSM's? ... feeding problems.

#1 reason fer BS claims against WSM's? ... sour grapes.

#1 reason Ruger don't list WSM's in their '07 catalog? ... 'cause Rick
Jamison is a greedy little SOB who sued Winchester 'n Remington and
they don't care to line his pockets any more 'n what they already are.

Ya ever want the straight dope on WSM's, ask someone who OWNS one. Ya
ever want BS on WSM's, ask someone who don't.

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