Re: Takedown Instructions/Exploded Drawing for Marlin Model 19 Pump Shotgun

Bunz Luver wrote:
# I just bought a 100 year old Marlin Model 19 pump shotgun on a whim at a
# local gun show. Looks pretty good, considering it's age and the action
# seems both slick and tight. The barrel was cut down to 20", so I am
# thinking about using it for CAS (I know, I know... some ranges won't allow
# any pump scattergun except the '97 and clones). It's supposed to be a
# takedown, but I'll be damned if I can figure out how to do so. Does anyone
# know where there might some takedown instructions and/or an exploded view
# diagram for this thing?
# HB
I don't ever recall seeing instructions, but Gun Parts has an online
parts drawing. There's a barrel locknut listed, might be that's part
of the key. I don't see any barrel extension like most of its takedown
contemporaries would have. I've seen a few of these at shows, most
were old barn guns and would have been better off in a smelter.


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