Replacement barrel for Magtech 586-P?

Been playing with my shotgun - a nice gun-show buy from back in August.
It was (and is) exactly what I was looking for when I bought it - a home
defense unit - 12 gauge pump with extended tube, 18.75 inch barrel with
a beas sight, and a plain old cylinder choke - My first guess is that it
was intended to be a dash-mount gun in a cop car.

It fills the home defense role quite nicely, being short enough to be
"handy", and tossing patterns at short range that should pretty much
guarantee that any "goblin activity" within about 20-30 yards or so will
come to a screeching halt almost instantly.

However, it's essentially worthless beyond that range - clearly due to
the short barrel/cylinder choke combination. Beyond that 20-30 yard
range, the pattern opens up so much that there just isn't much point in
even trying to shoot at anything further out - unless the goal is to
make it angry instead of dead. I'd *LIKE* it to be able to do "double
duty" as crow/vermin control, and/or a clay-buster, which means I
obviously need a longer barrel, different choke, or both. (or another
shotgun, but that's just plain not in the cards at the moment due to
budget constraints)

Since removing/replacing the barrel on this gun involves nothing more
challenging than unscrewing the cap on the tube and giving a
tug-and-a-twist, with replacement being just as simple, I'm thinking it
shouldn't be impractical to swap barrels for whatever the shooting
situation happens to be - Wanna shoot crows? Install the "crow barrel",
stuff it with birdshot, and shoot crows until there aren't any more
close enough to shoot - Worried about "goblins"? No problem! Hang it on
the rack in the original "riot gun" configuration with a load of
buckshot in the chamber. Basically, I guess what I'm wanting boils down
to something like a 12 gauge pump equivalent of the "Handi-rifle".

Seems like a simple enough concept, right?

Well... maybe...

"Magtech" seemingly exists only as a brazilian ammo maker according to
the search engines I know about, and I can find nothing that even
mentions them outside that role except for a few places like and similar sites that might have a Magtech weapon in
their current listings.

So can anyone point me at (A) info about Magtech (other than as an ammo
maker) and/or (B) sources for different barrels for the beast?

The "best clue" I've got so far is seeing multiple mentions of this gun
being pretty much a straight-up 870 clone, so I'm wondering (without
making any effort to actually do anything but wonder so far, and with
*ZERO* willingness to "just give it a try" without having some sensible
input before I start experimenting) if it might be practical to "plug
in" a barrel intended for an 870? Or would I be likely to run into major
issues (safety or otherwise) and/or wasted time and money trying to go
that route?

Or is my only option be to have a cu$tom barrel made for it?
(Not a very *PRACTICAL* option, currently, but at least it *IS* an

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