Re: Powder burn rates, need help understanding a few things

Pressure affects burn rate differently for different powders.
AA#5 may be shown on burn rate charts as slower than Power Pistol, but
at high pressures, it is much faster.

I try to notify the burn rate chart authors of their mistakes when there
is a wide disparity on the chart between two powders that are in fact
the same powder with different names.

Herter's 164 = Nobel 64
Power Pistol = Bullseye 84
HS-6 = W540= True Blue
Enforcer = AA#9 =H108 = WC820
H110 = W296
RL-15 = varget
H4831SC = ~ AA3100
W231 = HP38 = Ramshot Zip
W540 = HS6 =True Blue
W571 = HS7
W760 = H414
WAP = Ramshot Silhouette
WC680 =AA1680 = H116
W820 = H108
Win 296 = H110
Win 785 = H450
WC 844 = H335
WC 846 = BLC(2)
452AA = Trap 100

These identities come to me from the gun culture folklore, but I have
experimentally verified the "AA#9= Enforcer" with sight, smell, and
threshold charge required to flow 7.62x25mm brass.

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