Re: Mosin-Nagant Finn M39's-cheap source of pre 1898 dates

On 2005-12-21, RD <richardavis2000@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
# Receiver was left behind after the Finns booted the Russians out of Finland
# circa 1917. Most or all of the Finn Mosins are built on pre-1917 Russian
# receivers.

Do note that during the war it wasn't uncommon to grab a later Soviet
bolt, though - they were a bit looser and therefore more reliable when
filled with sand, ice or snow.

# If the Finns ever made a Mosin receiver, I'm not aware of it.

No receivers, nor whole bolts. Everything else was made at some point though.

# Most Finn rifles will have receiver dates before 1917-1918, barrel date can
# be as recent as 1970.

Make that barrel dates as recent as 1990 but it'll be a while until the
m/85 sniper version is surplussed (yes, a service Mosin-Nagant variant
adopted by the Finnish army in 1985 - all but the receiver and most of
the bolt redesigned, though the magazine is still recognizable too).

The m/85 doesn't look or feel like a Mosin-Nagant at all, what with the
adjustable stock, adjustable trigger, heavy free-floating barrel, no
iron sights at all but a big scope usually made by Zeiss...

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