Re: MSRP on Winchester Laredo? Reviews on this rifle?

jquadeus@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
# I have an opportunity to pick up a Laredo in 300 RUM for $400. I am
# told it is comparable to the Sendero. It sounds like a good shooter.
# I'm sure it's heavy though.

If it's comparable to a Sendero it's sure 'nuff heavy. 8>) The only HB
I own is
a 25-06 Sendero and I certainly don't carry it over hill-n-dale hunting
On the other hand, with a bipod on a portable shooting bench, exploding
prairie dog @ 300 yds is about a 50/50 proposition.They are only about
2 1/2"
wide. And there's usually at least a 20 mile breeze blowing.
Or nailing a deer 400 yds down and across a powerline ROW is doable.
# Does
# Winchester have a MOA guarantee like Remington did?

Never heard of a MOA guarantee from Remington. But with a bit of
tinkering and
load developement a Mod 700 will certainly get MOA or better. But come
think of it, the only thing I had to do with the Sendero was set the
trigger to 2 1/2#.
And find out that 75gr Hornady V-Max bullet @ 3500 fps would punch
diameter holes for five shots at 100 yds.

#These heavy rifles must be a pain to carry, because Remington discontinued/is
# discontinuing the Sendero also!!
# Sincerely,
# Jason

For what it's worth, my one Winchester is a 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser
With the usual tinkering, barrel floating, and bedding it gets MOA too.
Problem is,
every year my grandson cons me in to letting him take it for deer
season. It's
collected 7 deer in five years and I haven't shot one with it yet.

Bill VH

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