No Tangelos

I have four dwarf or semi-dwarf citrus in my garden: 'Eureka' lemon,
'Robertson' navel orange, kumquat, and 'Mineola' tangelo. The all get
the same care (fertilizer, pest control, etc). The lemon, orange, and
kumquat are in 22-inch terra cotta pots. The tangelo is in a raised bed.

The lemon, orange, and kumquat all bear fruit. The tangelo has flowers
but never sets any fruit. I have had it for about 6 years now. How can
I get it to bear fruit?

I am in Oak Park, California, in the hills between Thousand Oaks and the
San Fernando Valley. This is Sunset zone 21, very near Sunset zone 19.
The National Weather Service (NWS) places Oak Park in forecast zone
CAZ045 (Ventura County Coastal Valleys); we are very close to forecast
zones CAZ046 (Santa Monica Mountains Recreational Area) and CAZ547 (Los
Angeles County San Fernando Valley).

David E. Ross
Climate: California Mediterranean, see
Gardening diary at <>