Re: "Potassium Soaps Of Fatty Acids": Safe ?

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Bob wrote:

Lawn is in reasonable shape, but areas of Moss. Live in New England.

Bought a container of a liquid Moss killer (goes on hose end)that has
as it's (only) active ingredient something called:
Potassium Soaps Of Fatty Acid".

Question: Is it safe if some of the spray gets on healthy grass ?

I would think so but see qualifications further on. It is a kind of soap.
The potassium (in moderation) is a nutrient and the fatty acid part will
biodegrade. Not knowing much about moss I am unsure how it works. This is
only a guess: that it is a way to quickly raise the pH by applying a soluble
substance that is alkaline. In which case don't overdo it and be careful
applying it with limestone as well.

And would also like to ask:

Soil, via a ph test, showed that it is quite acidic.
If I put down the limestone granules, is this also safe on healthy
grass ?

Yes provided that you do not raise the pH above the level that the grass
will grow well in. The assumption with this treatment is that a pH region
exists that is unfavourable to the moss and still favourable to the grass.
What do you mean by quite acid?

Any caveats to it's use, etc. ?


Limestone granules will take some time to work, some months depending on the
size of the granules which influences how fast they dissolve. Don't be
impatient and repeat the dose too soon.


When I was looking at correcting lawn pH (6.5- 7.2), the talk was all
about lime. Not once did I see "Potassium Soaps".
- Billy
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