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Pity his wife....if they find water coming through the ceiling, he probably
insists the leak is in the basement.

After all the support I gave to him, still he hears nothing. There
are people who are like this all their lives and I truly feel for
them. So much is being missed.

He wanted to hear the cups were good so he kept asking till someone
would say he was right.

When I first went to Alcoholics Anonymous in 1978 I heard something.
Long story short, get a sponsor, join a group, get a life outside the
rooms. Also, it was said if you want to get well, choose sponsorship
carefully, listen to that person if you admire their sobriety and do
not go from person to person asking the same thing, wishing for the
answer you want to hear. I think that was one of the most valued
lesson I received.