Re: "Perfect" lawns are hideous

On Mon, 14 Aug 2006 22:29:36 -0400, "James" <kingkongg@xxxxxxxxx>

"Mean Mr Mustard" <macusr023@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Look fake, poisonous and manufactured by Chem-Lawn. Gimme clovers,
dandelions, mole trails, grub damage and moss any day.

You are right. It's the American way.

I almost hate to bring politics into this, but on 60 Minutes last
Sunday, Mike Wallace did his alpha dog thing with the president of
Iran and he was knocked off his stealth.

The Iranian was intelligent, tried to give answers, but was shut down
and asked to make simple answers of yes and no to many of his complex

I looked at that and thought, The Ugly American. I wonder if Wallace
has a lawn!

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