Re: No-sweat ideas for dog-day gardening

I remember one particularly hot summer, maybe a year after we had our
first child. My toddler was so cranky that I put him in a huge salad
bowl of water with some ice cubes in it. Our boy was so happy it was
unreal, but his diaper was enormous from all the water. So
yes..icecubes can do magic ;-)

Elaine wrote:
Or wade into the pond and work on cleaning out the crude at the bottom or
rearrange the plants.My favorite thing to do in this heat other
than swing in the hammock with the fan blowing on me and a tall
cool drink in my hand!
Elaine in Ga
Zone 7b

"AndyS" <andysharpe@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Earl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
It's August. It's hot and dry, or it's hot and humid. But
pretty much everywhere... it's hot. And that means, for most of us,
it's not much fun being outdoors.

Andy writes:

Forget all that stuff. Just dump a tray of ice cubes in your
undershorts and
then go out and hoe.......

Andy in Eureka, Texas

( If your son's goal in life is to "get married and have a truck with
really big tires ". you might live in Eureka, Texas )


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