Servers shutting NewsGroups down!!!!!

Well we finally received a message from Cox & they are closing down the free access to newsgroups!

A lot of our original members have joined up on a Email List set up by Ray Barkelow, so see


Hope to see you all there.

Cheers Wendy.

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Lately I have received notice of quite a few posts being automatically rejected by the Freelists server, as the sender was not subscribed to the list. In most of the cases, it appears that the sender is subscribed, but not with the email address from which the message was sent. If you have multiple email addresses, please be sure to send only from the one you used to subscribe, or subscribe with the others, as well.

Managing your account:

You may change your status (subscription, digest, vacation) three ways:

1. Visit the First Rays Free Services page, select the appropriate link and use the Freelists form.

2. Visit this list’s web page - - and do the same.

3. Send an email to orchidphotos-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx with one of the following commands in the subject line (hint - save this email, and each of the following is a link to do so):

a. Subscribe

b. Unsubscribe

c. Set Digest

d. Unset Digest

e. Set Vacation

f. Unset Vacation

g. Help

Message Archives:

All messages are archived at, but you will need the password “orchidarchives” to get into the page. A link for that is also provided at the websites (above) where you can manage your subscription.

To view images attached to archived messages, click on the attachment file name. You will need the user name “orchidphotos” and the password “orchidarchives” to view them. (I don’t know why it’s that protected…)

Ray Barkalow - First Rays LLC -

Orchid Plants, Supplies, Equipment, Books

Artwork, Free Services & Lots of Info!


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