Re: Update: Cotton Burr Compost *Does* Contain GM Material

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Almost all of our food is genetically modified, either through selection by
agricultural scientists over the past 10 millennia, or through genetic
engineering. GMOs may contain modified proteins, but the modifications are
planned and controlled. Nature does the same thing constantly and on a
completely random basis. If that were not so, the fresh organically grown
tomatoes you enjoy would still be toxic, and corn would look like rye grass.

Why be concerned about a *proteins devoured by soil organism*? Once torn
into the basic amino acids, nucleotides etc, GM anything are completely
harmless. A given GM protein itself might be of concern as an allergen or
toxin, but it is still made from the same 21+ amino acids of which all
are made. The FDA didn't just cross their fingers, but even most well
people can not understand the real issues involved. There are dangers
in GM foods, but direct danger to humans who consume them is very much less
(several orders of magnitude less) than those posed by pesticides, food
processing and preservation procedures already in common practice. The real
dangers are far more subtle, such as compensatory mutations in the pests a
given GM is meant to help control.

It is certainly a moot debate. The choices for most of the world are really
rather straightforward. Eat GM food, starve, or quit breeding. I vote for
latter, but it does not seem likely.


Let's get the bottom line up front here. If the top 1% have their way,
in a short time we will all be renting our homes, our furniture and, our
clothes. Even now, we are all being farmed for our incomes. It's called

That said, who plans and controls the proteins in GMOs? No one. If the
guinea pigs don't drop stone dead immediately, you can bank the money
and blame it on the underfunded, over-regulated FDA (The Politics of
Food by Marion Nestle). Mother Nature has had about 4.5 billion years to
work out accommodations between organisms and environment. GMOs would
have you believe that they can strike a symbiotic relationship with
nature in a couple of decades.

Proteins do indeed break down, for the most part, into innocuous amino
acids but that is like saying a rock tied to a stick is a natural
product. My organic chemistry professor used to tell us that we only
needed to know about six atoms (hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen,
sulfur and, something or other). But nearly an infinite number of
compounds can be made from those simple building blocks. At present, the
food pipeline is filled with only the best fillers and extenders,
anti-oxidants, artificial colors, artificial flavors, stabilizers,
antibiotics and their residues, insecticides and their residues,
herbicides and their residues, feces, and now Franken proteins that work
their way through the cell metabolism like sand through a swiss watch.
Hunky dory, just peachy keen. Maybe, just for arguments sake (but I
don't believe a whit of it), all these compounds are individually safe
but, . . .what happens when they interact (react) with each other? Do we
get outbreaks of Type II diabetes, asthma, autism, cancer, hypertension,
environmental allergies? Please add to the list as you will.

It took three years for the government, back when it was fairly friendly
to consumers, to get thalidomide off the market when you could see that
women taking it were giving birth to babies without arms and legs. How
long do you think it would take to get something subtle off the market?
The thing is, GMOs fix a problem that we don't have yet, at an
undetermined price to humans and the environment.

I'm sure you know the story of Percy Schmeiser and his contaminated
canola beans
( The
Mexicans are having the same problem. Crops are being infected with GMO
genes so you can't save your seeds and plant them any more because your
seeds have copy-righted genes in them and you owe Monsanto beaucoup
bucks. Traditional seeds are under attack. Instead of GMOs being grown
in hermetically sealed green houses, it is the natural plants that must
be sequestered to avoid copyright infringement.

I'll save genetic migration from corn to the weeds in the drainage ditch
for another rant.

Populations are leveling off. Agri-corporations are over producing by
about 30%. Starvation has more to do with distribution and profits, than
it does with production.

Next come the privatization of the public sector. (Make you a deal on
some clean air.)

So wave your flag. Trust the authorities know best. Being an Eloid isn't
so bad, except you get eaten.

Screw 'em

- Bill
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