Re: roguelike without a name yet

On 3 Cze, 00:03, Christian Knudsen <webmas...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Haven't played it a lot yet as I'm on my laptop and using the 1-9
number keys to move is a bit annoying, but I've noticed that the game
uses 100% cpu when on the overworld map. Also, when you exit a dungeon
to the overworld map, it doesn't actually draw the overworld map until
you move.

Yeah, this is true, I wanted to publish the game within the deadline,
I will fix it soon.
And I forgot to write that You can also control the pc in the dungeon
using mouse, just click on tile You want to go to, or a monster You
want to attack, or click on Yourself to pickup items (however, this
works very very clumsy now)