Re: Furry Dragons and Storylines...

At 11 Aug 2005 00:14:30 -0700,
Thomas wrote:

> My point is really to reduce the hack 'n slash. I think it can be fun
> to just plow through a horde of orcs but it is usually more fun to fire
> your bow and retreat and then cast fireball down the hall and close the
> door so they cant as easily follow you.

Well, it might not be as fun when you do it for the 102nd time.
Hack'n'slash has an advantage -- you don't have to be focused all the
time. People tend to have short attention spans -- especially when they
play a game, where they expect some entertainment.

Turn-based games have the advantage that you can stop at any moment, take
a break, think a while, etc. -- so the problem with staying focused all
the time is less an issue.

But still, you need to have 'easy' areas intermixed with 'hard' areas.

And don't forget to put something interesting and fun in the place of
hack'n'slash, when you remove it -- otherwise the most interesting
activity in your game will be munchkinism.

> Final question:
> If i build the game as planned and then i am never able to optimize the
> speed without hurting the level gens terriably is this ok. If the game
> is really great and awsome and fun as heck with the average RLer be
> willing to get a cup of coffee for 2-3 min while the game builds? I
> know how terriable this sounds... i just hope this is an exaggeration!

You can always optimize it laters. Besides, contemporary computers (wink)
really have some power under the hood.

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