Re: Furry Dragons and Storylines...

On 10 Aug 2005 08:29:30 -0700, "Thomas" wrote:

>True. But what i mean is like adom. It doesent have books ites based on
>and yet it seems to me to be more consistant and possible more fun to
>roleplay bacause of its settings. I dont was a setting taht will force
>the player to roleplay or uncover the truth.. i want a goal that is
>simple like... recover amulate.. or maybe find AN artifact.. gives more
>options. but not cryptic like. find your past.... or uncover the
>mysteries of...___

>These will be discovered and then will be annoying if they are not
>random. Really what i am asking is: should there be trends and changes
>different from "normal" tolkin or dnd fantasy.. like rare magic... or
>odd types of dragons ;)

If everything is new, make a story (or ascii pictures, whatever) about
the things and give a text file with the game or show it in the
Good AI will also make creatures have more personality. A description
and the right living environment might be enough for variations of old
This is fairly important. I couldn't enjoy alphaman or deadcold too
well as everything was so new and there was not much information.
(alphaman was supposed to be silly, though, iirc).
POWDER also has lots of new in it, and new things feel special, but
lack some depth.

Of course you can also have mysterios creatures, but they shouldn't be
called that nor should everything be that. Then it loses its value and
things are bland again.

We sure need to create more alternative fantasy creatures and
environments. Make that lore with your new creatures, or steal
something from somewhere if it fits the game.

Caves full of everything and the kitchen sink might work, but there
could be something better waiting to be found.

That's the first thing to take care of when planning for your
storyline. Then add the story, or randomness, as you wish.