Triangle Wizard R 14.03 released

"Hey all!

Time for another update! It is actually a deceptively big one; it adds
about one hundred new talents, that includes a new talent for each and
every spell! They are quite varied; for example there is a talent that
snares victims of Malediction spells to nearby walls, one that allows
you to put wall spells down in a circle, a talent for Death Storm that
makes it suck in nearby creatures during its start-up phase and even
one that allows Haste to slow incoming projectiles!

Another major addition are auras which can best be understood when
compared to the Paladin auras in Diablo II. Champion monsters are the
most prevailing source of these auras, although some very rare items
also produce them. There are both aggressive and defensive auras, and
because they are read from their own new file it is easy to add new
auras or modify existing ones!

Patch R 14.03 Notes:

-Dramatically increased the cost of buying incantations in shops.
The incantations found on the ground in a shop still have the normal
-Buying an incantation from the shopkeep no longer grants you
knowledge of the spell; you also need to buy a spell level.
-If using permadeath the game is saved after opening a vault to
avoid exploits.
-Gold now has a graphic if using tiles.
-Added a new stat; Encumbrance.
-Armor no longer gives a flat speed penalty and can always be
-Armor now has an encumbrance value that represents a fraction of
speed decrease. Encumbrance acts multiplicative.
-Added a few item prefixes.
-Added a few new general talents.
-Increased the chances champion monsters have talents.
-Added about 100 new talents.
-Increased the power of the Brute's Strength talent.
-Erachna's lair now contains holy water instead of ordinary water.
-Standing in holy water provides protection against death magic,
standing in unholy water provides protection against holy magic.
-Worshipping Neptus increases these benefits.
-Death Storm with the Divine Storm talent will no longer poison
-The Pandemonium Fortress now contains holy water, and the Halls
of Anguish unholy water. Pools of such water can also randomly be
found in quest areas.
-Added auras to the game. Auras work a bit like the Paladin auras
in Diablo II. They can be modded and new ones added since they have
been given their own new files: auras.tri. Champion monsters may
randomly have auras and auras can also be found on rare items.
-Added support for auras for unique creatures and quest related
-Added auras to several unique creatures.
-Call Hero heroes can no longer obtain several of the more
powerful abilities of champion monsters (i.e. damage reflection etc.).
-Increased Orc base speed. Orcs also suffer from less encumbrance.
-Added the Death Knight and Gargoyle races (thx Delekti).
-Dream Images sent to kill the player by Euphoria will now pursue
the player down the stairs.
-Increased the variety in champion monster names.
-Corpses should no longer sometimes show up in dark vision."