Re: Question/Possible Bug with Big Screen

Wil Hunt wrote:
> Hey all..
> I noticed that when Big Screen is on (-- -b) detection spells and the
> like have a much larger effective area. Is there a reason for this? I
> would expect that the area would be consistent independent of the size
> of the dungeon currently displayed. And anything detected outside of
> the current screen display could be viewed by shifting the display.

No bug, it's a feature.

If you use the locate command "L" it will tell you what sector you're
in. Detection operates on the sector, not what you see on the screen.
With BigTile mode you're only seeing part of the sector at one time, so
you can have the screen scroll and still be in the same sector. To help
confuse you, the latest scrolling algorithm scrolls the screen well
before you get to the edge, so AFAIK even if you're playing with the
original no graphics, no BigTiles you still get a scroll before you get
to the sector boundary.