Re: TECH: AFM Slam Tilt

Good detective work, you may have found your problem:
Here's what you should check on your targets #43 and #44 - they don't sound wired right to me!

All the martian target Switches should be wired:
The White (row) trace color will be different for each switch.
The Green (col) trace color will be Yellow (col 4) T-I-A-N
or black (col 5) M-A-R

Band of diode connects to one switch blade and green wire is on the other switch blade.

Typical for the MARTIAN switches (I just checked my AFM):
Front Lug - JUST the banded side of the diode goes here.
Middle Lug - Green wire here.
Rear Lug - White wire joins the non-banded side of the diode here. This lug needs to be isolated from both switch blades.

The only time it doesn't look exactly like this is if a different color wire was used "daisy chain" connections between targets on the same COL, to avoid running separate wires from the backbox for each target. But the green wires are still logically connected the above way.

After all that- My theory is that your "A" target at position #41 has a mashed/shorted (or bad) diode. When the "I" target is hit in that situation, "slam tilt #21" would be the result. That's my guess.

Note: This shows you can't always find the fault at the last target you hit when the problem occurs!

I would wire up targets #43 and #44 correctly and also replace the diode at the "A" target with a new one. Then see if the problem goes away. I bet it does.

If that works, then I can give you an explanation of why this theory is true. Hint for techs: Switch #24 is the "always closed" switch.



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Any chance you could start with this as your plan of attack ? LTG :)

Roger that; I'm now off to find:

1. A lone switch with a backwards diode.

2. A switch with wiring/lugs/diode that have been mashed together.

Thanks to you and Richard for the DMM primer.


OK here are the results:

I was very thorough: I Xeroxed the Switch Location pages from the
manual (2-44& 2-45) so I didn't miss a switch, then I meticulously
checked every single switch in the game (and crossed each one off my
Xeroxed pages)...result: every switch is the same; no diode facing the
wrong mashed switch with two lugs together, etc.

I even pulled the 3 bank assembly off the game to check switches 45,
46, and 47 carefully.


Nothing glaringly out of the ordinary.

Two minor observations, however (may or may not be relevant):

1. Switch 47 was cocked to the right such that it would sometimes
stick on the bracket to its right. Re-centered switch. (However,
subsequently did a test where I held down 47 and pressed 45 and/or
46...could never get Slam Tilt to reoccur this way.

2. Regarding M-A-R-T-I-A-N-S targets (switches 41, 42, 43, 44, 56, 57,

On switches 43& 44 the white wire is on lug 1 with the diode (lug
closest to where ball hits), but on all the other switches (41, 42,
56, 57, 58) the white wire isn't on lug 1 (only the diode is).

Note: all M-A-R-T-I-A-N-S targets score perfectly on points as well as
their letter target designation despite this wiring anomaly.

Well, that's it...what now?

Thanks again,


Neil I'm learning a lot from this thread. Sorry for your trouble but
thanks for keeping it going. You will find it eventually!