Re: TZ slot machine mod how-to

Great job Cliffy and very nice documentation for someone else to ATTEMPT it


First off let me start by saying that it is not my intention to encroach
upon anyone who makes these and sells them. My intention is strictly to
show how I made one. I did not copy anyone's ideas or methods, that I
know of. As far back as I can remember Tracy Mitchell was the first to
make these as an add-on mod to Twilight Zone. I could be way wrong. It
seems he has stepped away from the mods but if not I don't want to harm
him so I will take it down if I hear from him or anyone making them as a
business. Again, my intentions are not to step on anyone's toes.

That said, when I saw Ricks plea for help I decided to post my own

Cliffy - CARGPB2
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That looks awesome, nice job.
Can I ask where you got the slot machine (or is that a trade secret),
looks exactly like the one on the playfield!
Nice job as always.