Re: Pinball Life Order: The Good and the Meh...

Dude you should have known better. Wait till next order and see if
things are back to fast and as usual.
As soon as I saw anything neg about Terry I knew you had stepped in
it! You couldn't see this coming?



That being said this is all blown way our of proportion also but you
should have known better.
After all the good fast transactions one that is a little slower
shouldn't have warranted any post here.
And as for the shipping contact Terry don't post here he would have
looked into it and fixed it ya' bonehead!!!


You're still cool, you just pulled a boner that's all!



I originally decided to post when I got the "second" lockdown bar
and it was in such nice condition. I debated on getting a first or
second before I ordered. I did a search on RGP for "second lockdown
bar" hoping to get a review from someone that had ordered a
second....but I found nothing. I figured since I got mine in good
shape and was very pleased with it I would post so others that might
be on the fence could have an easier time deciding on a first or

Then when I went to post I decided I would post my observations of
the entire order. I guess that was a mistake. Folks only want to hear
a HATE post or a LOVE post. They don't quite understand the idea of
giving something a 4 out of 5 stars.

On a side note: It always bothers me (and especially now) when people
make posts complaining about making trivial post. Isn't your post
complaining solely about the original post being trivial even more
trivial at that point? The way I look at it if a post is on topic (ex:
pinball related) it may be worth least to someone. It
isn't like it's hard to post or you are charged a per post fee or
anything. It isn't rocket science or's a pinball