Re: What is your pin to-do list?

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Matt S. wrote:
I only have 6 games and realized recently that I actually have quite a
bit of work to do on them. The fixes are not hard, but they sure add

LOTR - Replace Balrog switch
Shadow - Fix switch on habitrail, the wire feeler broke off
JD - Trough opto error reported
WH2O - Secret passage switch needs replacing, needs a new DMD (yep it
is the DMD itself that's bad)
TZ, STTNG -- nothing, whew

Whirlwind       - Replace a broken target
                - Fix skyway toll ramp down switch / wiring
Skateball       - Locate the elusive center target bank plastic
Blastoff        - Find the motivation to finally finish this project


"Anything worth doing, is worth overdoing”

- Mick Jagger -

Finish shopping a BK for someone.
Do a house call on a BOPP that I've not been able to get to for three
Get my Hayburners back in the shop since nothing happened the first
time I brought it in....
Fix and shop any other games that come my way in the
meantime....Because each day you just never know.
Replace two switches on MB that need replacing.
Put a ground plug on FBC
Figure out why that dang ToM still resets when hitting both flippers
at the same time.
Replace a couple of transistors on the Rapid Fire light board.
Figure out what I'm doing with that Skill Roll game in the garage.
Do that Black Hole playfield swap.
Do that Capt. Fan playfield swap.
Do that Centaur playfield swap.
Do that Em. Charlies Angels playfield swap.

O'yeah and finish the basement decor while I'm at it too...

Yup , it will all get done this year.......PHFFT !!!

John P. Dayhuff
Battle Creek, MI.

TZ - Replace the front/right leg plate (threads are stripped)
JP - Sell it! I have it listed, but have been out of town.
BoP - Replace a burnt out pop bumper light (I hate taking off that
mini playfield for that)
IJ - Fix the start mode bounce out issue
LoTR - Replace the plastic under the ring ramp
OXO - Get it working, tons to do to make that happen