Re: NOS playfields for sale: FH/T2/Space Station/Party Zone/BoPin Bot

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I bought this mess of playfields with a bunch of Visa cash advance-
money, and now I am having second thoughts because of my financial
situation. I know my lawyers would love some cash.
So I am going to list them on epay for Buy it Now or best offer, at
these prices. If any sell then awesome. I am sorry I am not in a
position to sell them at friend prices. I am posting them here a day
before they go on ebay in case there is someone that has been looking
for one for a long time. They are all beautiful. I bought them from
the fella that made them at the factory. Some have a light scratch
here or there from storage, but I am going to address that with a
wheel today, and make sure that they are all perfect.
Funhouse $900
T-2 $700
Space Station $600
Party Zone $550
Bride of Pinbot "The Machine" $700
If you have a close offer, I will consitter it.
Also. Just throwin it out there, but I did pick up 2 Backglasses. 8
Ball Champ, and Fireball Classic. Both NOS. Both have a small amount
of paint that has come up from the glass. It is not cracked or broken..
The paint is soft, and can be pushed back up against the glass. If you
know how to fix this, I will sell them for 125 each, but I don't
really want to ship them. I can bring them to any of the comming
Thanks, ron

Hello. I have been overwhelmed with email, so I will answer a bunch of
questions now. The Bop is sold.
I am working on pics soon as I am done with this post. I am going to
take pics of how I just got them. They have been stored for almost 20
years. some have a scratch. The fh has 2 small scratches 3/8 of an
inch that would be touched up very easy. On the 9 and under the 25 of
the clock. I guess I am going to clean them and hit them with the
polishing wheel, so that I can say what is permanant.
So if I don't get back to you, I am shooting pics or cleaning them. I
will post on photobucket as soon as poss.
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Funhouse and Bride of pinbot are sold. still have the others