Re: TOPcast mp3's gone as of 1:20 PDT

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dinsdale <dinsdale@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in news:WRyii.42528

No. The files never actually disappeared, but the script that serves
them up (and counts the hits on them) blew up earlier today. It's blown
up before, but not this hard. Sh*t happens, we're working on it, and it
should be fixed and back up sometime today. (Tomorrow morning by the

ROTFLMFAO!!! Um.. Yeah, I'm *sure* that's what happened.

"I took a more low-road approach to our site (, much
like (*gulp!*) Gary did. Anyone can download past shows"

It looks like the "low road" approach backfired?

(and counts the hits on them)<

Ahh.. So you guys do collect stats?

" And NO other statistics are collected"