Re: TECH - Wrong code updated to FGY now no ejects

On Sat, 30 Jun 2007 15:45:39 -0000, captkirk <castlespace@xxxxxxxxx>

Inadvertentluy we updated FGY with SM 1.4, noticed after reboot before
playing a game. Removed SM flash and installed FGY 11.0 had no ball
eject, removed 11.0 and replaced with 10.0 which had been running,
still no ball eject to shooter, when manually adding ball goes in to
TV and does not eject. Didn't think anything but flash was removed
and added but anyone work through such a problem before? Stern not
available till Monday. Tx, captkirk

You have in all likelihood blown a fuse. Spiderman is a game with 3
motors in it, which are run by turning their drives solidly on. I
don't have a matrix in front of me, but I'm assuming the motors are on
various 50v drives, so 3 50v coils locked on on your FG. Normally
this would result in blowing a fuse only, but it's also possible
transistors were fried (and if that happened, perhaps diodes too).

First try the main 50v fuse (flippers are a different fuse I think),
should be easy to tell with the IO board LEDs. Replace whatever's not
lit up (with the door shut). Then after replacing, if the fuse goes
again you'll have to look into fixing the drivers that might've blown.

SAM games to a factory reset after code updating automatically, just
for everyone's knowledge.

Anyway, everything should be pretty fixable.

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