Re: CV Backbox Cirqus Luck Switch

On May 10, 3:35 pm, ron <golferro...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On May 10, 11:49 am, Max Badazz <max_bad...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have the exact same issue. Thought it was a bad switch, but it
worked fine in test mode. Bent the metal part to see if that would do
the trick but it still doesn't click it. I have an orange ball and
thought that might not be the correct one. It also is not heavy
enough to spin the plastic spinner below the switch most of the time.

Chris (in NH)

hi, i had the same problem, thought it might be a bad switch as well,
but by bending the switch so it is very sensative, plus using the new
blue ball which is heavier, makes it work every time now.

i have yet to do it myself, but there is a real cool mod that uses a
real brass bell, with was cost reduced out. one of the tips provided
in earlier posts is that you add into the ball solder so it is heavier
to hit against the bell so it is louder ... this might be another way
to get your ball heavier to register against the switch.

last point ... be REALLY careful when you remove the backglass to work
and clean this area, as the plastic mounting where the coil is really
thin, and like in many games (including mine) it is broken so you
don't want to crack it any further.

not to hijack the thread, but does anyone have any ideas on how to fix
the plastic around the coil?

good luck!

I also had to fix this area on my backbox as the coil had busted the
plastic completely away around the metal bracket. Home Depot sells a
fiberglass patch kit that is about 3x6. The patch looks like a piece
of flat taffy. You cut and mold it to fit the area around where the
bracket should be or where you want to reinforce. The patch is UV
activated so put it out in the sun for 30min or under a lamp and it
will harden. Once hardened I drilled holes for where the original
metal bracket should go and then attached it. The patch cost like $6
and there was no mess or real prep work. I'll try and take a couple
pictures later