Re: Where to get WPC ASIC remover tool

I agree with you guys. I respect Chuck's skill, but I don't trust
mine. I dropped by Radio Shack. Price was 10.99, no price match to the
Jameco price.

I didn't need it right away, so I said the heck with that and bought
TWO for about 10.99 from the eBay seller that John Wart mentioned
earlier in this thread. I'll keep one in my shop, and carry one around
in my "service call bag".

I also just ordered a Rottendog replacement board. I'll still repair
the corroded one, but I wanted to make sure that I didn't have to
return to the client anytime soon to fix lingering board damage. There
is probably acid damage (for lack of a better term) creeping up some
of the PCB traces that will eventually kill this board.

Thanks for the tips guys. Very much appreciated.
Chris Hibler - CARGPB #31, TeamEM

On Apr 27, 9:33 pm, beaver <e...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hmm. That reminds me.. I once contemplated removing a PLCC with a
small screwdriver. It is an iffy proposition. The chip is in quite
deep, and if you pry with a screwdriver, you could break the chip or
the socket.

That is because the chip is in so deep that when you stick the
screwdriver in, a lot of force gets applied sideways. The official
tool pulls it straight out, and does not put sideways stress on the

Edward Cheung CARGPB26

On Apr 27, 10:21 pm, "John Wart, jr" <johnwar...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I don't agree with Chuck's opinion here, but YMMV

If you damage the chip and/or socket...

$50 chip new or used
$10 socket with 84 leads that need to be desoldered and soldered..

$10 or less for the right tool to prevent damage...

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On Apr 27, 9:40 am, c...@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Looked at Radio Shack (online), BAA, Marco, PBL,
Anyone know where I can snag one of these?
Chris Hibler - CARGPB #31, TeamEM

You can easily remove the asic using a regular blade micro
screwdriver. Just be careful.- Hide quoted text -

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