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Specifically one particular colour of paint. I know they've been long
out of production, but I'm hoping that someone might have a good jar
of the stuff they might be willing to get rid of; or be able to point
me at an equivalent.

The colour is a bright, metalflake green called Melon. It's about the
brightest, most radioactive green ever made. Citadel doesn't make
anything like it; and I've never found anyone else that did, either.
I'm down to a third of a jar, and I'd really like to find more, if

I really miss the Armory paints, I was a big fan of thier stuff (I used to
swear by the cans of primer and finish, but curse the modern blend). I'm
still depressed by all my armory paints going bad, with one exception.

I recently ran across some interesting sets of paints (in bottles kind of
like the Vallejo ones) at a local craft store. It wasn't in the painting
section. They were all Acrylics, and they were some awsome metalics and
other unusual colours. I don't know if "Jo Anns" is a nationwide chain or
just local, but you might want to look into this. I want to say they were
in the scrapbooking section, but might be wrong.

Hey man, if they're cheap get them, play with them, and let us know
(especially Myr and/or Rob Singers). Yeah, Jo Ann fabrics is a big
hobby store everywhere I've ever been, with many "knock offs" like
Hobby Lobby etc.

If you want them to carry/special order a line of "craft" paints just
tell them your granny and her church group or some shit wants them,
they'll usually get them in ASAP as they pay next to nothing for them.

Jo-Anns was the first large scale store, that got it's start in fabrics.
It has been in business roughly 60 years.

Toys 'R' Us is more dedicated to toys and games with a focus on children
and has been in business for about the same amount of time as Jo-Anns.

Hobby Lobby has been in business for roughly 34 years and grew out of a
small framing company, so I fail to see how it is a "knock off" of Jo-
Anns since it's primary focus was painting related more then fabric.
Even today it's selection of fabrics and yarns is minimal at best.

Hobby Town has been in business for about 26 years, and is more of a
classic Hobby type store, it's origianl focus was more on modeling.

Michaels has been in business for 20 Years, if there is a store that is
a knock off this is the one. Focusing on craftwork, they rarely have
what you want, and are not all tjat anxious to get it for you when you