Re: GoWrite 2.1.23 Tips + Tricks

"Thomas Bushnell, BSG" <tb+usenet@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote

You know, you called me a liar for attributing a statement to you, and
then when I posted the reference to the statement you made, you did
not apologize. As far as I can tell, you just pretended the incident
never happened at all.

1. This is off-topic, it does not have anything to do with Bram's lie and
his theft.

2. You misattributed things I said. Sometimes the distortion of my words is
so obvious, that I don't respond.

But if you want, you can post the stuff again and I'll see what I can do for

Yet it is uncanny how riffraff like yourself keep attacking my bona-fide
beef with irrelevant ad-hominem attacks.

Saying I do the same is no excuse, main reason being that I call thieves and
criminals names, the names they deserve.
The supporters of the criminals claim I am insane, and the criminals
themselves refrain from commenting, to avoid making matters worse for
themselves, because any info they disclose only helps prove my case.

With Bram it's even easier - he lied, that immediately makes him lose his
case because I have emails (yes, several) of him acknowledging the receiving
the books. He should have made up a more complex story, like he refused the
books but I sent them anyway, or I sent the books without asking him whether
he wanted them, etc. But he's lazy. Too lazy to make a Help file and too
lazy to concoct a good lie.


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