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two points here:

1) My opinion of GURPS players (Gurpsers?) are that we are not
exactly a young lot. Most of us I imagine have the funds to buy just
about every Gurps release just for nostalgia.

After the mortgage, car payments, insurance payments, groceries, clothes
to match the office dress code, contribution to the retirement fund,
etc, there's not a lot of momey to spare in the pockets of us oldsters.

And regarding the added
cost of PDFs, I assume too many people get them free off the

One hopes not... (see below for one reason why.)

So the differences in cost between three ring binding self
printed pages vs buying hardcovers is minimal. The time involved in
doing this involved is actually the greatest cost.

You only have to do that once, and it's usually comparable to the time
spent getting to and from the game store.

So although I love
the idea, I could never see myself doing it.

2) My problem with PDFs is all it takes is a computer crash and poor
back-up habits and it's gone. I'll always prefer hardcopy because it
will take a housefire or vengeful divorce to loose my books.

Here's that "below" I mentioned: allows multiple
downloads of the same document for any reason or no reason at all, as
long as you've paid for the document. They also allow downloading of
updated (usually errara-corrected) versions of the document for no
additional cost. If you bought the PDFs from SJGames, then "my house
burned down and took the computer with it" is no longer a reason to be
without that part of your gaming collection. (It's only the data
pirates who are more than momentarily inconvenienced by a computer

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