Re: |[4E] Raise Dead

Jasin Zujovic <jzujovic@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Erol K. Bayburt wrote:
How silly of me. I forgot that Heironeous, Pelor, Kord, Tyr, Ilmater,
Torm, and Lathander hate the poor.

Actually it's the great deity Game Balance who hates the poor.

And personally I think there ought to be a better way to placate that
deity. I find gp costs for Raise Dead to be annoying, and xp costs
only slightly less annoying. The problem is coming up with a

I've been toying with the idea of a "guardian of the dead" that the
subject of a Raise Dead has to fight & get past in order to return to
the land of the living. Make it an encounter of CR6 or so, and then
ordinary villagers are "unlikely" to succeed in coming back.

Low level PC types will have a slightly better chance, mid-level
(6-10) types will have a good chance (remember that the dead guy will
have to face the cerebus-monster alone), and for high (11+) level
types it will be a speed bump.

Or maybe increase the toughness if time has past, or part or all of
the subject's remains are missing, so that a more powerful
back-from-the-dead spell is needed.

What happens if the dead guy fails to defeat the guardian?

Soul get eaten. He's not coming back *at all*. Not even reincarnation
will work now.

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