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Justisaur wrote:
Of course this is using a mid level feat, a 9th level spell, and a ton
of money for the 4th level spell wands with a caster level of 15. This
results in a little over 100 damage a round, acid orb is conjuration
so no SR, and it's a touch attack, so no save. All that will help is
a really high touch ac, or resistance/immunity to acid. One
opponent used a resist spell, which he promptly dispelled, not to
mention he's got plenty else to use if he does come across a naturally
resistant creature.

Wonder how he'd do against some of the characters in my current 3e
campaign. 100 damage a round is okay, but hardly dazzling to Camillus
(gladiator-type fighter). Dual-wielded +5 Holy Gladiuses (Gladii?), 6
attacks/round, total from all sources like +15 damage, so if he hits
with all attacks (and on a mage, even an invisible one, that's not
usually too hard for him to do) he's got a MINIMUM damage of 96 points.

Unless he's got blind fight, he's missing half his attacks right off.
Just finding where the wizard is is going to be a major pain. He also
goes around with stoneskin on any time he's entering a danger zone, so
take 10 off every attack. He's not going to be sitting there allowing
him to take full attacks either. The dragon he was fighting was only
able to get about 70 hp through to him over probably 10 rounds where
he did somewhere between 400-500 to the dragon in that time. All the
other characters combined did less than 100 in that same time period.

Funny enough, I'd probably be doing even better than he is, I think
the rest of the players just aren't anywhere near our level of power-
gaming. Especially as wizards are my favorite class, and he usually
prefers fighter types.

I think that's part of what turned me off on my Bard. I was
deliberately making some poor choices on character building, and
playing a purely support character, and I still feel like I'm
outshining everyone at the game consistantly. And then my DM side
kicks in and I feel bad about it. A couple of the players complained
if I quit they will all die horrible deaths without him. :/

It's odd, but that's really the same reason I quit the last game I was
in, my sorcerer was taking on a whole orc army at lv 6, with little or
no help from everyone else at the game. I didn't really quit that one
though, I just never asked when the next game was, and they never
bothered to tell me.

I don't enjoy being a power-gamer far above everyone else at the game,
but I have a really hard time ignoring those impulses.

And on the other hand I have no problem letting my monsters loose and
not power-gaming with them

- Justisaur

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