Re: Is tomb robbing evil?

On 14 Mar 2007 08:19:35 -0700, lbeulmann@xxxxxxx wrote:

As several posts explained, there is no easy answer. You have to
answer the question for yourself.

You may find some inspiration helpful:

First, the GOOD/EVIL aspect:
Is someone hurt or killed by the removal of items from the tomb? Are
living guardians present, and are these guardians hurt or killed? If
you answer these questions with yes, then it's probably evil (that may
even depend on the guardian races). The act alone doesn't show much
dignity, so it may be evil. Of course, the kings is dead, so an act of
dignity may be lost on him.
Does the removal of items from the tomb help to protect others from
harm? If yes, then it's probably even good.

Hm, this could get interesting. If some of the valuables are living human
slaves (or in stasis ... or resurrectable*).... Or wives....

And if there are guardians preventing their removal.